Cynthia Jarrett-Thorpe (née Carlton-Carew) is an accomplished business professional, philanthropist, wife and mother. She was appointed as the Honorary Consul of Sierra Leone in 2011.

Borcynthian in Freetown Sierra Leone, Ms. Jarrett-Thorpe was the first female FAA and CAA certified Airline Transport Pilot in sub Saharan Africa. She is an effective organizer in transcontinental political and social circles, as she balances her philanthropic and business endeavors. Ms. Jarrett-Thorpe is the owner and CEO of four businesses, including Cymill Development Group, an international consulting and Development Corporation; Cymill Motors Inc., an auto dealership in its 21st year; Cymill Properties Inc., a commercial and residential ecological land development firm in its 20th year specializing in design, and construction, including, lease, and rental; and Cymill Towing Inc., which holds a contract with DeKalb County Georgia, providing towing and impounding services for the county’s police department.

Cynthia is also the founder and CEO of the Carlton-Carew Ep Foundation and its associate network, Friends of Carlton-Carew Ep , named after her parents and paternal grandparents, who were prominent philanthropists and business professionals. The Carlton-Carew Ep Foundation’s mission is “to advance the socio-economic development of the people of the African Diaspora and Africa, to celebrate and promote the history, heritage, language and culture of descendants of enslaved Africans who were settled in Sierra Leone and other parts of the world.”

‘In 2011, through the Foundation, Ms. Jarrett-Thorpe coordinated the twin city project of Sapelo Island, Georgia and Banana Island, Freetown, Sierra Leone, designating them as sister Islands. This was but one of the many projects of the Foundation, developed under her direction. More information about the Foundation can be accessed at

Above all, Ms. Jarrett-Thorpe is the proud wife of Millern Jarrett-Thorpe, a successful and celebrated architect. She is also the mother of their two children: a daughter that is now a junior at the university, and a son who is university bound in fall 2013.

Cynthia holds undergraduate degrees in aviation and in Business Management, including an MBA from Florida Institute of Technology, where she also obtained her commercial pilot license.

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